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Access/Adaptive Technology

Challenged Atheltes foundation

“The mission of the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) to provide opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life…”

Increasingly, Texting for Emergencies

For those who are nonverbal, deaf or otherwise have difficulty communicating via traditional telephone calls, a new option to seek emergency help is on the way. Text 9-1-1 for Help

Need a Service Dog? Already Have a Pet Dog? No Problem!

Due to the prohibitive cost of having a service dog trained, many people are hiring their family pets to do the job!

Unorthodox Service Animals

While dogs are the only federally recognized service animals, that hasn’t stopped many people from finding help and companionship from different furry friends!


We are a non-profit organization that helps adults with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments live more independent and engaged lives. We do this by providing them, free of charge, with a unique service animal: a highly trained capuchin monkey to help with their daily tasks. The only organization of our kind, we raise and train these special service animals, carefully match them with appropriate recipients across the nation, and provide active support and care for the duration of each placement. For more information CLICK HERE or visit

Besides monkeys, many people are also seeking miniature horses as guide animals.

From the Guide Horse Foundation website:
Our mission is to provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable mobility alternative for visually impaired people. The Guide Horse Foundation is committed to delivering Guide Horses at no cost to the blind, relying on un-paid volunteers and charitable donations to pay all travel and housing expenses for the blind handler’s on-site training. For more information CLICK HERE or go to

New Website/Mobile App Allows People to Review Your Business’ Accessibility

“Every business that opens its doors to the public can be reviewed. Hotels, restaurants, retailers, gyms: You name it – it’s on AXS Map ready to be reviewed. The mobile app will be available in December 2013 but website is up and running now. Reviewers can provide a one through five-star rating for the accessibility of the entrance and restroom. They can also check boxes to indicate the presence of the following attributes: Quiet environment, accessible parking, ramp, second means of entry, and Braille. There is also a text box for comments. According to AXS Map’s founder, Jason DaSilva’s, blog, volunteers are also visiting businesses and collecting accessibility data for the site.” – From the AXS website. For more information CLICK HERE or visit

Dogs for the Deaf

From Dogs for the Deaf website:

Dogs for the Deaf rescues dogs for our programs from animal shelters throughout the western United States. After professional training at our southern Oregon facility, the dogs are placed with…

- People with a variety of disabilities and challenges including: hearing loss, deafness, and children on the autism spectrum.
- Full-time professionals (teachers, physicians, counselors, and licensed therapists) who work with people with various disabilities and challenges.

CLICK HERE to learn more is one of the largest resources for assistive technology on the Internet. AbleData does NOT sell products. Instead, they connect people with the vendors who sell theese products. Over 40,000 different products organized fantastically. Everything from wheelchair accessories, grooming/hygiene, computers, devices for feeding and drinking, prosthetics, alarms and security systems, respiratory aids, vehicle accessories, office equipment, tools, clothing and so much more!

Free Cellphone Service!

Lifeline Services provides free cellphone service to people who qualify for food stamps and/or Medicaid. There are three different plans to choose from so you and your family can receive the right plan for your usage. This plan guarantee that if you are eligible for the program than you will never receive a bill for service. Click Here for more information or visit

13 Free Assistive Technology Resources

“A limited budget doesn’t have to stop you or your child from getting some of the best assistive technology available to help people with LD. These free resources will help you stretch your dollar while getting geared up for the new school year. Better yet, some of them may already be in your pocket—we’ve included features built into common devices like the iPhone and iPad that can be helpful for people who struggle with reading, math, organization and more. Looking for more free and low-cost technology solutions? Check out our suggested apps for students with dyslexia and reading difficulties, dysgraphia and writing difficulties, dyscalculia and math difficulties, and for help with organization and study skills.” -From the website. Click Here to visit this website or go to

Read How You Want – Large Print Books and Ebooks

ReadHowYouWant has successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into high quality, alternative formats quickly, easily, and at price points comparable to standard format books.” – from the website, to read more click here or visit

An Artifact History of Disability

EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America is an online museum containing images of artifacts and various pieces of assistive technology as it progressed from the early 1800s to modern day. It also catalogs the paradox of technology and disability: “…Historically, technology has played a distinctive role in the lives of people with disabilities. New forms of technology that benefited mainstream society often initially excluded people with disabilities because of inadequate design or planning. The lag time between the introduction of a technology, whether movies, telephones, trains, planes, automobiles, or ATMs, and its accessibility created discrimination, exclusion, and new barriers.” For more information click here

Laws Regarding Service Dogs

A simplified summary of the federal laws and regulations, directly from the U.S. Department of Justice, regarding service animals. Very important information for anyone who has, or plans to have, a service animal. Read laws here.

South Lane Wheels

South Lane Wheels provides door to door transportation services, specializing in the Cottage Grove area, for people who are blind, physically disabled, and the elderly. Their rates are very reasonable compared to a standard taxi service, with prices as low as $1.00 for short trips. The service area covers Culp Creek to Loraine, London, Cottage Grove, Creswell and the Eugene/Springfield Metro area. Hours of operation are from 8am – 5pm, for more information call 541-942-0456 or click here to visit their website

Deaf Tech News

DeafTechNews is a YouTube site dedicated to informing consumers of the latest in communication technology for those with hearing disabilities. The site contains videos, broadcast in American Sign Language, and text instructions on how to operate most of these new technologies, as well as up and coming innovations that will be released in the near future.