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Benchmarks in Early Screening and Testing (BEST)



  • Improve timeliness of identification, referral and entry into early intervention services.
  • Improve access to EI/ECSE, especially for underserved populations.

Timely intervention services are critical for optimizing developmental, health, and behavioral outcomes for young children.


  • Conduct an environmental scan of selected state data systems, and effective and evidence-based childfind strategies.
  • Develop pilot benchmark indicators.
  • Gather input from key stakeholders and experts.
  • Pilot test benchmarks in three counties in Oregon.
  • Develop a final draft of benchmarks.


  • Benchmarks can be field tested in a variety of state early intervention/early childhood special education (EI/ECSE) systems and investigated in terms of reliability, utility, and validity.
  • Benchmarks have the potential to improve timelines for families who are accessing early intervention services for the first time.

Principal Investigators: Jane Squires, Debra Eisert,
Project Coordinator: Elizabeth Twombly,
Project Staff: Kris Funk, Kristen Kellems, Kimberly Murphy

For more information, please contact:
University of Oregon Early Intervention Program
901 E. 18th St., Suite 139
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-0807

Funded by: AUCD, Centers for Disease Control RTOI #449